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Financial Services

Your Association's success begins with a careful, strategic approach to finances. WPM’s property management experts can assist by providing valuable insights.

Professional Results

Our experienced staff includes three CPAs who are supported by a large staff of specialists in collections, receivables, payables and other accounting specialties. We understand that strong financial accounting is a cornerstone of successful association management. Our accounting team maintains complete, accurate, and timely association financials, producing all the necessary financial information your Association will need to make sound financial decisions.

From developing Pro-Forma operating budgets to reserve funding, our firm has the resources to protect and maintain the financial health of your Association. We collect all fees and assessments, maintain association bank records, rationalize expenses and assist with the annual budgeting process. As part of our services we provide the following financial reports on both a monthly and annual basis:

  •   Accounts Receivable Report
  •   Balance Sheet
  •   Bank Reconciliation of All Accounts
  •   Budget Comparison Report
  •   Cash Disbursement Report
  •   Operating Budget