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A Full Resale Disclosure Package must be presented to the buyer per Maryland law. Our experts will develop and expedite resale packages for your condo or home.

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Maryland law requires that every seller in a Condominium or Homeowners Association present a current “Full Resale Disclosure Package” to the buyer, with time to review prior to the settlement date. There are three options for ordering a resale package:

  •   Standard time package 12 business days for $250.00
  •   Rush time package 8 business days for $300.00
  •   Expedited Rush time package 4 business days for $350.00
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Other Legal References

Condominium/PUD Questionnaires

Currently, lending institutions require the completion of a Condo Questionnaire of PUD Form. These forms report on your unit and your Community Association, with information regarding Reserves, Delinquency, Rental Ration, among other items.

Maryland Condominium Act

Condominiums in the state of Maryland are subject to the Maryland Condominium Act, which regulates the operations of each Condominium Regime, and sets down mandates for the ethical and legal requirements that protect each and every Condo homeowner.

Maryland Homeowners Association Act

While less comprehensive than the Maryland Condominium Act, the Homeowner Association Act details laws regarding the operation of Homeowners Associations, particularly regarding Annual and Budget meetings, and resale requirements.